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Notes from Grateful Patients and/or Family Members

Dear Vivian,

A special note of thanks to you. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but as my nurse anesthetist who assisted with my surgery back in September, you were professional, personable, kind, knowledgeable, and you made me feel special. You really were an "Angel on Earth" that day. Thank you Vivian!



* Name changed to protect patient privacy 

To Hospital Administration,

I cannot thank you enough for the services provided to my granddaughters while my husband (their grandfather) was in the hospital. As things would be, the girls were at our house when Stan had his heart attack. It was traumatic for all of us, but especially the girls. They were both very tearful about what they had witnessed. Since the girls were staying with us at the time, I had no choice but to bring them with me as we followed the ambulance. Thankfully, your staff were in tune with our needs and contacted the Child Life Services program. We were connected with a wonderful clinician who helped explain the medical journey we were on. Elle and Mary are very close with their PawPee. This program has been a wonderful way for us to work through their feelings of fear, sadness and trauma related to the heart attack and subsequent surgeries Stan has endured. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


*Mary Jane

* Name changed to protect patient privacy 

Dear Mr. Sanborn,

As I have dealt with cancer over the past year, Baylor All Saints has become somewhat of a second home for me and my family. After my most recent stay, I felt compelled to tell you about some of your amazing staff and the level of professionalism they deliver.

Mary has been my nurse on a number of occasions. She is so positive and is always ahead of the curve in anticipating what comes next in the recovery process and helping me work through it.

Jon is another one of your heroes.  He has an uncanny ability to understand patient needs and respond to them on a timely basis.

Patti, a respiratory therapist was exceptional as well.  I just cannot say enough about her. She is incredibly efficient and is constantly tuned in what is going on with each patient.

If I were in the business of starting a new hospital, there is no doubt I would steal them from you! 



* Name changed to protect patient privacy 

Dear Hospital Administrators,

Although I lost my husband of 45 years in May, I can honestly say that his stay at Baylor All Saints was simply the best. From the comfort and care that was provided to him, to the comfort and care that was provided to me, I knew we were in the right place. I would especially like to thank the nurses on the 2nd floor who went above and beyond the talk to me, explain the process, the procedures, and help me plan for care after we were discharged. Their compassion and genuine care for Davis and I made me feel so comfortable.


* Mildred

 * Name changed to protect patient privacy

Dear Hospital Administrators,

You provide a safe, efficient and happy atmosphere at All Saints. The physicians and nurses are knowledgeable and comforting to their patients.  From admitting to discharge it is great to be in your facility. Keep up the good work and providing excellent health care.  I have a long history with All Saints.



 * Name changed to protect patient privacy

To whom it may concern,

I can honestly say that I was treated with love, kindness and compassion by everyone from my doctor to the young man that pushed the wheelchair.  I never felt afraid or nervous and it was an amazing experience. I would recommend Baylor Scott & White All Saints to everyone who needs a hospital.  The nurses were excellent and very professional and so was the surgical team.  

Thank you for an amazing experience.


* Name changed to protect patient privacy

Dear CEO of Baylor All Saints,

I was recently in your hospital for over two weeks. I would like to acknowledge the complete staff of the oncology floor. Everyone from housekeeping, techs and nurses. I especially want to mention Jenny, Marion and Lori. All three of these nurses were always full of grace and love. Jenny in particular prayed with me and helped me get through a tough night. You have top notch nurses in my opinion.

Thank you for my care,


* Name changed to protect patient privacy

Nurse Nita,

Thank you for your care and treatment while I was a patient on the 4th floor. Good luck to you in your future nursing and care of patients. I was fortunate to have met you.



* Name changed to protect patient privacy

Dear Mr.Sanborn,

My wife and I moved here recently from out of state. I have some chronic health problems that have required me to be in and out of hospitals over the past few years. I wanted to let you know that from the time we arrived in your Emergency Department we were blown away with the attentiveness and caring attitude of your staff. I was most impressed with the Nurse Practitioner I saw as well. I appreciate the wonderful care from everyone, including the housekeeper who took time to give my wife pointers on how to make our home "hospital clean."



* Name changed to protect patient privacy

Dear Doctor L.,

I want you to know that you were like my guardian angel while I was in the hospital.  Your care and concern for my welfare was far beyond the average doctor. I appreciate how I could depend on you to come by and visit me even when you were not 'on-duty.' Your kindness, compassion and professionalism was truly appreciated. I will be recommending you to everyone I can!


* Name changed to protect patient privacy

Dear Hospital Administrator,

I am really not very good with names, but I am so grateful for everyone that took care of me while I was there earlier this year. Everyone was so kind and really did an amazing job.  Pam took the time to explain each and every procedure with me. I felt as though I was prepared and knew what to expect. I just thank God so much for the training your staff have. I wish everyone was as well trained as your group. The name 'Saints' speaks for itself; it is the way God loves  all His people. 

In His Name,

* Name changed to protect patient privacy

Dear Mr. Sanborn,

Thank you very much for the special care my daughter received while at your facility. We really appreciate the fact that the staff were so thoughtful. Even in the midst of all the excitement, it was a scary time as we didn't know how things would turn out. Overall, our experience was great and everyone was wonderful. They took great care of us, our daughter and our new grandbabies!  

Thank you,


* Name changed to protect patient privacy




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